Internet shops. Pros and cons of buying online

The modern world is dominated by ubiquitous technologies. Virtual reality is becoming our everyday norm, and the Internet is now one of the perfect “windows” to the world, we can no longer imagine life without it. It is not surprising then that the online shopping service has become so popular. This type of selling and shopping opportunity has its pros and cons. The first attempts to sell on the network were made already in the eighties of the twentieth century.

Of course, the United States boasts the most extensive history here, but in fact few stores that were founded at that time have survived to this day. The real boom came in 1992. The first online stores did not yet work as they do now, but they were based on the principle of sending an offer by email, and orders were made only by phone.

Disadvantages of online stores

As for the disadvantages of today’s online store, despite the fact that many people have mastered the rules of online shopping and computer use, there is still a group of people who are against such trade rules, prefer to evaluate the product visually before making a purchase, do not want to rely on the picture and his description. One of the most frequently mentioned defects are additional shipping costs and waiting times. Even the best online stores offer at most 24-hour delivery. There are also such units that value personal contact with the seller, and the virtual substitute is simply too unsatisfactory for them. However, the online store has its advantages, because if he didn’t have them he would never have accepted this idea.


Advantages of online stores

Such a first advantage that immediately comes to mind is the lack of the need to leave the house to make purchases, fatigue, bad weather, this is no longer a problem, you can sit comfortably in a chair and buy. In addition, I consider it a great advantage of shopping in online stores to think about the offer and compare products from various sellers, no one hurries us, we are not nervous that more customers are behind us. The opinions about the seller and the product from people who purchased a specific product are not without significance. It is also a convenient form of payment and a wide range of delivery options. What drives people shopping in online stores are also attractive price discounts and prices, which are usually higher in a stationary store.

Offers are varied, and the chance to find quickly, even something unusual, is considerable. Due to the pace of life and work, the possibility of shopping at any time of the day or night plays a big role. An online store usually has a much larger range than a stationary store. Online shopping is convenient, saving time and money. Customers are also happy to share their opinion with the seller or customer service – especially if we offer in the store the opportunity to ask questions in real time via online chat or by phone. However, aesthetics and good prices are not everything, customers want to feel pampered, be aware that someone took care of them. There are differences between online and stationary stores, but customer expectations are convergent, although they seem to expect more from online stores.

What is annoying to online store customers?

The need to register, especially when purchases are made occasionally. Personal data has recently been particularly protected and customers are not eager to disclose it, so you should require the minimum information they need. Another mistake made by sellers will be incompetent communication of information or the complete lack of such information, for example regarding the form of shipment, return, complaint, form of payment and related costs.

The customer, learning about them only in the next step of the basket can simply abandon it. There will also be attractive sites that are too complex, where you have to do some gymnastics to make purchases. The simpler the better. We all value respect and honesty, customers demand more and more but are also ready to pay more. Thanks to the high quality of every detail during the sales process, you can earn and continue to develop in an atmosphere of healthy and friendly relationships.

The online store should contain

Finally, I want to remind you about the items that must be found in every online store. This is due to legal regulations that are in force in our country and are imposed on the entrepreneur. He must provide a range of information about his business. Therefore, remember to include in the online store:

    •         company name,
    •         entrepreneur’s home address (registered office),
    •         authority that registered the entrepreneur’s business activity,
    •         the number under which the entrepreneur was registered (NIP, REGON),
    •         legal form under which the entrepreneur operates,
    •         cost of delivery,
    •         clear delivery date,
    •         a clearly defined deadline within which the offer or price information is binding,
    •         place for submitting complaints,
    •         how to make a complaint.