Plastic surgery – the greatest myths

Although plastic surgery and its benefits are no longer a taboo subject, knowledge about it is still not well known. Since until recently the use of plastic surgery was not very popular, a lot of myths have grown up around plastic surgery. Which one is just fiction? Find out by reading about the most popular myths about plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery is not for young people

A myth has arisen, according to which only middle-aged people who have already started showing signs of aging should decide to improve their beauty. This is by no means true! If someone does not tolerate the shape of their scythe or ears, they should decide to correct them no matter how old they are. In this case, the sooner the better, because the plastic surgery will allow such a person to feel better with each other; After all, self-acceptance is no less important than a healthy body.

Nevertheless, there are treatments that younger people simply have nothing to decide: for example, eyelid surgery, which begins to fall only at a certain age as a result of the aging process.

Plastic surgery
Myths about plastic surgery

The effects always look artificial?

It’s not true. Of course, on the Internet we can come across many examples of unsuccessful plastic surgery, but none of these pictures is the result of a successful surgery. Therefore, if we arrange a plastic surgery, we must always be sure that it is a recommended surgery with a professional doctor. Especially that recently the level of medicine has gone up, thanks to which a talented, experienced plastic surgeon is able to perform surgery, the effect of which will be completely natural.

Recovery is long and painful?

Wound healing is not always completely painless. Many of the plastic surgery procedures are invasive, which means that the recovery time is quite long, in addition, you need to be careful for weeks: after many procedures you must not over-exert yourself, which excludes greater physical activity, you can not expose the skin to the sun, and at the same time be taken medication recommended by your doctor. Contrary to appearances, however, this is not so bad: thanks to advances in medicine, painkillers can 100% relieve pain, which makes it virtually imperceptible throughout the recovery period. Therefore, patients return to their daily routine as early as a week or two after surgery; even the period of swelling is not long, because it ranges from a few days to just over a week (it depends on the specific surgery).

It is not proper to ask your doctor about experience and previous treatments

On the contrary. There is nothing rude about asking about our health. Only an experienced doctor who can boast of many successful treatments will be able to perform plastic surgery professionally and with positive effects. By the way, during such a conversation, you can easily assess the doctor’s knowledge and commitment; it should always be a red light if the doctor is reluctant to answer questions or not want to talk about previous treatments.

Plastic surgery is for women

A very popular myth that has no real coverage. It’s just a harmful stereotype – for both women and men. Plastic surgery means that we can feel better with ourselves, and this is something that is definitely for everyone and gender does not matter. In 2019, no one should be surprised that men also enjoy the benefits of plastic surgery. From year to year, more and more men are choosing surgery – be it nasal corrections, liposuction or any other. Fortunately, this myth is slowly dying out.

After implantation, you cannot breastfeed

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures. However, many women do not decide on it, as a myth arose that after implantation a woman would not be able to naturally feed her child. However, this is only a myth – in fact, a well-done treatment will not in the least to deprive a woman of breastfeeding. Correctly placed implants (i.e. under the mammary gland or under the pectoralis major muscle) will not affect the baby’s feeding. The only situation where this could happen is in the event of improperly performed surgery or as a result of complications.

Liposuction equals weight loss

Unfortunately, during liposuction only the fat closest to the skin is reduced. And although during the procedure you can get rid of up to two liters of fat, it will not replace weight loss by the “traditional” method. Just as playing sports and a proper diet will not replace the effects guaranteed by plastic surgery, so will plastic surgery will not replace healthy weight loss. Liposuction will only remove excess fat that has not disappeared during slimming – it will not eliminate the dangers of overweight or obesity.