How to choose LED lamps?

LED lamps LED lamps have recently become one of the most common choices not only among interior decorators, but also amateurs who took care of the decor of their own apartment. The huge popularity of LED lamps is due not only to the long life of this type of light sources, but also to the extremely fashionable minimalist look. Thanks to this, LED lamps perfectly match almost any interior, especially in a modern style.

High quality, low operating costs

How to choose LED lamps
How to choose LED lamps

Easy to match the rest of the decor is just one of the many numerous advantages that LED lamps cannot be denied. This type of heating not only differs in durability from incandescent lamps, but also heats up much less. Thanks to this, the costs of using such bulbs are much cheaper – which means that, unfortunately, quite a large expense is paid, which is the assumption of such lighting. However, this should not discourage anyone, because thanks to the low operating costs, the costs will not only pay off, but in the future you will definitely go a plus.

LED lamps – light colors

Fans of extravagant solutions, ideal for modern rooms, will definitely like the fact that LED lamps do not need colored filters to change the color of the bulb. The color of the glow can be changed thanks to a special switch; is a very simple solution that allows you to match the color of lighting not only to the interior design, but even the mood.

Another method of producing colored light affects the energy efficiency of LED bulbs, as colored filters significantly affect the heating of the light source, while shortening its life. What is the difference between colorful light in traditional and LED lighting? It is all thanks to the semiconductor – the chemical composition of the material from which it is made determines the color that the light bulb will light.

The most popular colors of LED bulbs are red and yellow, and often there are bulbs glowing green, blue or shades of purple.

For any type of interior

Luminaires with LED technology are perfect for rooms of all types, also regardless of the style of the device. The number of available designs of LED light sources is practically innumerable; you will easily find this type of lamp not only for the living room or bedroom, but also for the kitchen, bathroom or children’s room.

Hanging and ceiling lamps are like the main light source like no other. This is the basic type of lighting, which is now more than just a lamp; thanks to the original look, lots of colors and unique shapes of lamp shades, the luminaire with LED technology is also a great addition. Whether you want to break the current style of decor or emphasize it even more, you will definitely find something for yourself.

Lamps on rails are one of the most modern forms of LED lighting. These types of lamps work not only as the main source of light, but also as additional lighting. Lamps on the rails come in a single or three-phase version and create systems that can be turned off and on with one button – this is one of the biggest advantages of such lighting. Most often they appear in white or black.

LED lamps as an additional light source

If you need lighting, for example, a kitchen countertop or desk, LED lighting will also be perfect in this role. In addition, additional light sources are great at displaying the most decorative elements of the room.

The most popular and most effective in almost every situation additional light sources include, among others, sconces, spotlights and spot lamps. In addition, in stores, whether stationary or online, you should easily find even LED lamps for images – oblong galleries, also suitable for lighting even a long corridor.  The above types of lighting look similar to ordinary lamps, but they have all the advantages typical of LED lamps.

Accessories for LED lamps

The functionality and decorativeness of LED lighting does not depend only on the luminaire itself and the light source. These include, among others, a motion sensor – a very useful option, thanks to which you do not have to worry about forgetting to turn off the light when leaving the house. The lamps turn on automatically when you enter the room and turn off when the sensors sense that there is no one else in the room.

In turn, drivers for LED lamps (most of them are controlled by a remote control) allow you to control not only the color of light, but also its intensity. The light can not only dim, but also set a smooth transition between specific colors or “blinking”. These types of options are available thanks to the infrared, through which the controller connects to the lamp.

Some accessories combine several functions – for example, a motion sensor and a change in light intensity. One of the more modern devices of this kind is the LED lamp remote control with WiFi function, which has many built-in functions, and its operating range is even above 20 meters.