Lasting phone protection

The smartphone is a very delicate device. When we buy a phone, we assume that we will puff and blow on it, and we will do everything so that there is no scratch on it. Assumptions are beautiful plans, but life writes its scripts and falls, or scratches of the smartphone occur quite often. A close encounter with the ground usually happens accidentally. If we take care of the safety of a brand new phone from the first day and buy protective tempered glass, we can be sure that no accident will destroy the smartphone.

Advantages of tempered glass

There are many pros of buying tempered glass for a smartphone. This is much better protection than smartphone foil. Tempered glass adapts to any type of display, does not block the speaker or function buttons. This means that the tempered glass on the phone not only protects the smartphone, but also increases the use of the device. Glass does not change colors. The owner browses all content in the original colors. Tempered glass for the phone does not reduce the transparency of the display or sensitivity to touch. The installation of glass does not cause major problems. The set includes all assembly tools. When buying tempered glass on the phone, be careful not to buy a poor quality product because it will deteriorate the image display. Tempered glass is solid and durable, it is one of the recommended forms of smartphone protection. The glass is so durable that even a hammer blow is not able to do much harm to the phone. Falling or making an accidental scratch does not reduce the aesthetic value of the smartphone. After removing the damaged curtain, tempered glass looks like new.

How to mount the glass?

Before putting the tempered glass on the phone, the device should be cleaned thoroughly. To stick the glass, remove the protective film from it and glue the glass thoroughly so that there are no shifts to the edges and lightly press against the edges. Well fitted tempered glass ensures that no sharp objects that we carry in a purse or pocket, e.g. keys, pens, do not scratch the phone. The most common is tempered glass for a phone with a value of 9. This means the ninth degree of hardness on the Mohs scale, which can be compared with a diamond blade. When buying tempered glass on the phone from a leading manufacturer, you get a set of cloths to prepare the screen for glass assembly. The first is soaked in alcohol, the second is for dry wiping the display. Some glass models have a sticker attached to remove dust from the screen. Do not allow anything to get between the display and the glass. It looks unsightly, and what’s more, it can affect the operation of the touch system on your smartphone. Manufacturers of glass remind you that once removed, glass cannot be reused.

Factory phone security

Theoretically, there is no need to additionally secure the phone, because as a standard, every smartphone is factory protected with Gorilla Glass or similar. However, after prolonged use, the device can be scratched. Despite the basic protection, it is worth equipping the phone with additional tempered glass on the phone.

Depreciation during a fall

Tempered glass for the phone protects not only against scratches, but also from close contact of the device with the floor. The glass absorbs falls from a height, so that when the child drops the phone, the display will not fall into a small poppy. It will continue to be beautiful and elegant. According to experts, securing smartphones is a must, and tempered glass on the phone is an excellent choice with a protective and aesthetic function.

Choosing the perfect glass

Smartphones differ in size and arrangement of elements such as camera lens, flash or speaker. Therefore, there is no such thing as a universal model of tempered glass that fits every smartphone. It would be too good for users. It is necessary to choose tempered glass for the phone model. Only then the owner can be sure that the glass adheres perfectly to the screen and the comfort of using the device will be very high. It is not the best idea to apply the glass to only part of the screen because you will not get 100% protection. Before you buy tempered glass on the phone , you should read the reviews about manufacturers and glass written by people who bought the item. Glass tests and rankings are available online. Opinions of others, texts, classifications make it easier to make a good decision and purchase tempered glass that will meet the expectations.

Tempered glass for your phone is without a doubt a good choice of smartphone protection. It gives a chance for longer use of the phone, reduces the risk of damage. Buying tempered glass saves you money because you don’t spend money on repairing the display. Tempered glass has a positive effect on the appearance of the phone.