Review of female silhouettes. How to choose underwear for the type of figure?

Well-chosen underwear is the basic element of any stylization. Thanks to the beautiful underwear, we can feel more confident, even if nobody can see it, except us. However, the key is to choose it correctly; A well-chosen lingerie will not only make you feel perfectly in it, but also highlight all the advantages of your figure. However, to achieve this effect, you need to choose underwear according to the type of figure. How to do it? Read our guide.

First of all, you need to know your dimensions. This is especially important when choosing a bra; Contrary to appearances, many women still have a problem with the perfect choice of cups. To do it right, measure yourself under the bust and at the widest point of the breast. Always round the results down, to zero or five – thanks to this bra will work well in supporting your bust.

You measure the circumference of your hips by applying a centimeter horizontally at their widest point, and to measure your waist – at the narrowest. This data will not only be useful to you to know the exact size (these can be misleading) – it’s good to know your dimensions primarily when shopping online, as according to them online lingerie stores usually give the sizes of women’s or men’s underwear.

Pear figure

One of the most popular body types. Pear-shaped women have wide hips that contrast with the narrow waist and small breasts. In this case, the best solution is to optically enlarge the bust, but slim the hips.

Your bust will perfectly support push-up bras; underwired, with a stiffened cup, for example, stylish, very elegant balconettes. Thanks to the cut slightly different from the usual bras, balconettes are equipped with a stable structure that is perfect for lifting the bust. What’s more, balconettes are universal and work well at every occasion – thanks to the removable shoulder straps that most models come with.

Pears should avoid boxers and high-waisted pants. Cut figs will slim your figure, and they are extremely comfortable. If you value aesthetics, the model with lace will not only look beautiful, but also will be comfortable to wear.

Apple figure

The classic apple type silhouette is characterized by larger breasts and abundant breasts. The latter are considered a huge asset that is worth highlighting. The basis is a well-chosen bra with wide straps – they support the bust without sticking to the skin of the arms. It is perfect for a balcony. Her cups are made of three parts, which helps to support the bust, especially since most balconies are stiffened and equipped with underwires.

For variety, you can also try “full-cup” bras, which are full cups. Although they cover the breasts almost completely, they are very comfortable and well stiffened, and in addition they often have many decorations, thanks to which you will look no less sexy than in more “exposing” bras.

A prescription for a standing belly is even a corset. Corsets perfectly place the location of fat, thanks to which they visually slim the belly and nice highlight the waist. If you prefer more “traditional” underwear, opt for high-waisted panties that have similar effects on the lower body. For special occasions, equip yourself with a petticoat – it perfectly highlights the breasts, giving the impression of a flat stomach.

Figure of a column

The so-called “boyish” rectangular silhouette. It has a small bust and narrow hips, the waist is also poorly visible. In the type of accident, you do not need to slim any part of the body, but it will not hurt to optically enlarge the breasts. Thanks to a well-chosen push-up bra, your breasts can look even two sizes larger. As with the pear figure, stiffened bras will help achieve this.

For women with narrow hips, most panties will look great. However, if you want to feel sexier, get yourself a set of lace lingerie with a large slit.

Hourglass figure

Body type considered the most “feminine”, since hourglass ladies usually have ample hips, narrow waist and large breasts. Hourglasses can afford to experiment with Obsessive underwear , as many models and types lie very well on them.

Every day even a soft bra will work, as long as you don’t need to lift your breasts for greater comfort. Both balconies and balconettes will work – both types are stiffened and support the breasts very well.

For people with an hourglass figure, panties that show off shapely hips – for example, stronger cut panties – look best. Avoid longer panties, such as shorts or boxer shorts, which reach up to the middle of your thigh, as they will only distort your figure and optically widen your thighs.