Culinary journeys around Europe, i.e. holidays in Sardinia

Sardinia is the second largest island emerging from the waters of the Mediterranean. The landscape of this place is rather rocky. Some call this part of Italy the Caribbean of Europe. All because of the truly exotic atmosphere. Holidays in Sardinia is not only an opportunity to admire amazing rock formations and observe many amazing species of plants and animals. It is also possible to taste outstanding local dishes.

Many tourists wonder what is worth trying during trips in this part of Italy. The menu of local restaurants is dominated by fish and other seafood, macaroni, pork, cheese and fodder, as well as macaroni and tomatoes. Everyone will surely find something there that will be able to pamper their taste buds as much as possible.

Fregula with seafood – the famous Sardinian dish

Holidays in Sardinia are an opportunity to taste frutti di seafood, that is, pasta in the shape of small balls and quite hard consistency. It is served mainly in Sardinia. It can be served in many ways, but the most popular is the one drowned in a very thick tomato sauce with seafood. Fregula is an example of a dish closing almost all the flavors of the island within one plate. It is a real feast for the sense of taste, which is appreciated by even the most demanding gourmets.

Seadas – Sardinian dessert with sheep’s milk and honey cheese

In Sardinia, it is extremely important to end every big meal with something sweet. Seadas is one of the most-served desserts in this part of Italy. A sweet snack resembles a dumpling. It is prepared from shortcrust pastry, which is stuffed with fresh sheep’s milk cheese. Seadas is served hot and topped with one of the famous Sardinian honeys. This is a real poetry of taste that all lovers of sweets will surely appreciate.

Ricotta to the accompaniment of honey Abbamele

Holidays in Sardinia are an opportunity to taste many local delicacies, and ricotta with Abbamele honey is a perfect example of one of them. It is very simple, but also extremely effective. It consists of only two ingredients – fresh ricotta cheese and liquid honey. This dish can be called “heaven in your mouth”. In many restaurants, Mirto is served, which is a local tincture. Its task is to help the digestive system.

Ravioli in tomato sauce, a Sardinian feast

Ravioli is a type of dumplings. Locals make them by hand and stuff them with different types of fillings. The most popular morsels are those filled with pecorins, i.e. sheep’s cheese and topped with tomato sauce. Opinions about the sauce are divided. Some prefer its meat-enriched version, others prefer a vegetarian solution, i.e. a combination of fresh tomatoes and oranges. This type of ravioli usually appears as the main course of the day. It is served both in traditional homes and restaurants.

Pork baked on a grill with myrtle

Holidays in Sardinia are also an opportunity to try a young grilled piglet. This dish is most popular in the depths of the Italian island, where the cuisine is based mainly on meat. Grilled piglet is a must-have element of great feasts and is in itself a kind of decoration. This is a typical example of “slow cooking” because it is baked without much rush. this process can take up to several hours and takes place in front of guests. Fans of meat cuisine will certainly be delighted with this culinary proposal. The meat is decorated with myrtle branches, i.e. the aromatic Mediterranean shrub. Mirto is found almost on the entire surface of the island and is also used to produce jams, preserves and tinctures.

Pecorino sardo, or sheep’s cheese

During the holidays in Sardinia, you have to taste the local delicacy, i.e. sheep’s cheese. This is an extremely tasty proposition that the locals produce using traditional methods. When buying cheese, it is worth paying attention to whether the inscription “DOP” appears on its label. It guarantees the high quality of the product and the fact that only healthy methods were used in its production process, and the place of storage ensured maximum freshness.

Pomoia – Sardinian grapefruit with juicy flesh

Sardinia is a place where fruit lovers will definitely find themselves. Pompia is a combination of grapefruit and orange. The fruit is very large, heavy, juicy and sweet. Occurs only on the northeastern part of the island and is a great reason to visit it. This is a really delicious offer! Sardinians make many preparations from it. Tinctures and preserves using pompio are popular, but it is also worth tasting it in raw form. Pompio can be purchased at local markets, for example. It tastes best when its skin is still warmed by the rays of the sun. When leaving the island, all you have to do is regret that you can’t take a few baskets of these delicacies with you to enjoy them all year round.