Why choose horse riding?

Who would not like to feel for a moment like a knight who trots briskly across fields and mountains, conquers more locks, travels the world, and the wind blows in his hair? It sounds romantic, but that’s what horse riding looks like. This magnificent sport has a very long tradition, we can often observe various types of struggles in this field at the Olympics.

It’s hard to say what really is so charming about this activity. Certainly, the bond with the animal is very important. Horses are not like dogs, their loyalty is something completely different. You have to handle them very carefully, because they sense negative emotions and begin to be irritable. If we do not want to end painfully on earth, we must learn to control them. Horse riding is a big test of character. People with neurosis may feel disappointed with it, especially when they are in the process of overcoming their fears. Of course, if the psychologist recommends such therapy, we should go, but only of our own volition. It will help people with depression much better as a treatment support – they will feel the wind in their hair, feel a nice bond with someone, quickly climb to the heights of equestrianism and, in addition, will put everything in their minds. It is not easy, but horse riding can be a fantastic addition to general therapy.

Let’s return to the advantages of horse riding. This kind of activity is beneficial for our entire body. However, we must remember that before we ride, our psychophysical condition must be good. Horses are very demanding creatures and they will sense every rider’s weakness. A person who has health problems should ride either under the watchful eye of an experienced carer, or – if possible – improve their overall well-being. It is worth noting that horses have their own fashion and in Poland there are many equestrian stores truerider.eu with clothing and clothes for riders.

Horse riding has many more advantages. First of all, it helps in developing the right attitude. You can’t slouch while riding, which is why our spine straightens like a string without having to go to additional correction classes (although physical activity at any age is always welcome and you have to take everything into account).

Horse riding is a phenomenal activity when it comes to full prioperation. What does it mean? That we will gradually build full awareness of our body and orient ourselves in what we develop and strengthen. Remember – the whole body is involved in horse riding. Not only ours, but also the animal that we lead. We have to get in touch with him so that it will obey us. At first, this may not work, but remember, it’s all a matter of practice. We approach the horse calmly and sensitively.

How to find a good stud? It’s best to search the Internet. There we will find many places where we can go and where we will complement our psychomotor performance. This is necessary because our muscles and bones need constant effort. Let’s check places where Arabian horses will be located. They have quite obedient characters and are very nice. Beginner riders will be perfectly suited to them. Let’s first review the opinions a given stud has. If we have doubts, it’s always worth calling, reading or taking a ride and convince yourself.

What else? Nowadays, people sit in front of computers a lot. Technology has become an unchanging part of our lives. We use smartphones and other devices, we are constantly connected to the network, which is why we forget about really important things. Such a thing is nature, which we should interact with as a lot more often. Now that the smog problem is getting worse in cities, inhalation is very important. Yes! Horse riding has only advantages, because it positively affects our health. It strengthens our immune system, improves circulation, has a positive effect on brain oxygenation. It is also a very relaxing activity. Above all, however, we must realize that it is also a great sport to improve physical activity. Muscle tension is reduced, which means that it can be miorelaxant. This is especially useful for visually impaired people, because they gain better motor coordination. Thanks to the improvement of proper perception, they are better oriented in the field.

Of course, a very important advantage of what horse riding gives us is weight loss. Then we have to take care of ourselves, because the horse will not pull such a heavy rider. In addition, during the ride we lose unnecessary kilograms – after all, sport requires some physical effort from us. In addition, it supports the work of the liver and stomach, because we feel like after a long walk. In particular, it is recommended for people who suffer from some diseases. It can be a great addition to the treatment, like all activity anyway. Let’s consider if this is a job just for us. We can be pleasantly surprised when we prove to be great riders, and the horse under our control – a docile, friendly lamb!