Music in human life

Music in human life: many books could be written on the subject of music, and this topic would not be fully exhausted. One thing is certain, music is extremely important, both for the development of a child who was just born, for a few-year-old preschooler, for an adolescent teenager, as well as for an adult.

Each music school offers many interesting music classes for people of all ages, in which this love of music can be further developed and nurtured. Professional schools employ qualified staff who adjust the level of classes to the age of their participants. You can bet on vocal classes as well as learning to play an instrument. Both children and adults can use the classes. The main thing is to choose a place that will be able to offer us the best possible solutions. Having enthusiasm, wanting to develop in this direction, they see that the child has good hearing, let’s polish this diamond, because it is the best that we can provide our beloved children.

Mozart effect – what exactly is it?

Many scientists have worked on the effect of music on children’s hearing and their overall development. Among them, one of the significant people in this topic is Alfres Tornatis, a French specialist who dealt with ear diseases. Through research and experience he has discovered that the effect of music on the cerebral cortex with high-frequency sounds significantly affects the improvement of concentration, the ability to remember, creativity, and even normalization of muscle tone. This phenomenon is today called the Mozart effect.

Any music school that deals fully professionally with the subject of music and everything that surrounds it, knows this phenomenon very well. It is thanks to this researcher that we know that the ear is not only responsible for the sense of hearing, but also responsible for maintaining balance and upright position of the body, for controlling spatial orientation, and even for monitoring voice, speech and language. What’s more, the ear also stimulates the cerebral cortex, thanks to which you can accept any stimuli that are sent to us from the environment. Each of these aspects is fully associated with music, which is why there are really many reasons why it should accompany us at every stage of our lives.

What music to play for young children?

Many parents wonder what music to play for children to play a key role in their lives and development. Undoubtedly, calming and relaxing music will be perfect, combined with the sounds of nature. Its action has a very beneficial effect on the entire body of the child. First of all, it affects the respiratory system, lowers blood pressure, reduces tension, and reduces the level of anxiety in babies. Children listening to such music fall asleep more easily, are able to calm down and calm down on their own. It is good to play such music before bedtime, during breathing exercises or stretching muscles. The professional music school also offers classes during which children have contact with music and learn to understand and interact with it.

The second type of music is activating, which is based on the rhythm of the heart. Thanks to it, you can gain joy, stimulate action, speed up your heartbeat. It speeds up metabolism, strengthens coordination and encourages physical activity. It is worth introducing such music to a child during play, so that they would like to move, spin, play and develop not only more emotionally, but also physically.

What to offer to older children?

With growing up, the child is increasingly reluctant to reach for what we want to give him. While a toddler absorbs everything like a sponge and is literally interested in everything, in the case of older children nothing is so easy, especially when dealing with an adolescent teenager. So how do you encourage him to keep music in his life? That music lessons are not the only ones that give them entry into the world of sounds? It’s definitely worth a good solution is the music school in Szczecin , which many teenagers choose.

People with good hearing and being able to sing are happy to use the help of specialists who further enrich their vocal skills. However, many teenagers decide to play the instrument because it seems fashionable, interesting and fascinating. No matter how it looks, music has different paths and each of them is suitable so that you can go with it through the world.

So regardless of how old we are and at what stage of development we are, in each case music is a part of our life that we should not forget about under any circumstances. And regardless of whether it involves a music school , playing music on its own, various activities or any other form of contact with sound, in each case it is excellent.