How do you find the perfect jewelry?

There is some basic knowledge that every woman must have if she wants to have perfect jewelry. Let’s buy jewelry that we like, but at the same time let’s think about longevity and versatility. In this way, buying jewelry will be a good investment. There are several tried and tested jewelry items that many women wear. The perfect collection will include diamond earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, bold rings, pearls and a classic watch.

Diamond earrings

These are probably the most universal silver earrings that we can have. Diamonds practically go with everything, and their simplicity makes them blend in with necklaces. However, “simple” is a relative concept and this is where we can reflect our personal style. We can choose many different metals and combinations. Let’s also determine if we want one stone or many smaller stones gathered together. We can look great by combining them with sapphire and topaz.


Bracelets are a great way to express your personality. From a slender, delicate bracelet to a hanging and original one, we can mix and match bracelets depending on your mood. Of course, there are plenty of styles to choose from. We can choose from a variety of materials and widths, but let’s see if they suit us and whether they will be practical. Usually bracelets are slipped or unbuttoned.

Necklaces pendants

Delicate and subtle necklaces are an ideal addition to both jeans and a suit. Pendants can be very cute and classic. They are often of particular importance to a person. Classic options include a diamond pattern, print or nature motifs, icons, letters, numbers or symbols. Although they look great in themselves, remember to combine them with necklaces. Let’s just change the length and width of the chains and maybe even the metals to get the original look.

Big ring with precious stones

Also known as a cocktail ring, it is bold and stylish. Such rings with precious stones have been decorating female hands since the 1920s. Today it is an original accessory that gives color and shine. Such a ring usually contains one large central gem, sometimes surrounded by smaller gemstones.


Pearls are a classic, sophisticated addition to almost any outfit. They can be worn for business purposes or on private occasions. The most traditional pearls include single or double-stranded necklaces, usually 16-18 inches long. A more modern version of this classic necklace is a single pearl on a chain, a pearl pendant or pearls, evenly distributed on the chain. Another fantastic option is the long strands that can be wrapped and stacked to any length, such as we choose, around the neck or wrist. We can also think about the color. In addition to traditional white, pearls in various colors are also available.

Classic watch

Today, watches no longer have the traditional role of informing them about the time. Smartphones play this role. Watches are fashionable and show some status. The classic watch has a metal bracelet or a leather strap. Metal clock bracelets can be made of silver, gold, stainless steel, platinum or be silver-plated, or be a combination of several metals. If you wear a lot of mixed metals, a two-tone metal watch will be a good solution. Leather straps can add some color to our appearance, especially if we choose a watch with replaceable straps in different colors. To add a little glow, let’s choose a watch with a case or a dial, decorated with stones, such as small diamonds or crystals. However, basically a watch with clean lines and a simple dial will fit into everything, no matter what we wear, and we can usually enjoy it for many years.

Construction of the collection

These basic jewelry items are just a starting point. Of course, we have many options to choose from in each category, then we can reflect our individuality. Let’s have fun buying jewelry.

Let’s discover your style

When choosing jewelry for yourself, let’s define your personal style, and then choose something that suits it. Let’s think about:

      • What is our wardrobe? Are they conservative costumes and stilettos, or rather ordinary clothes?
      • Do we go to cocktails after work and to the theater or opera house on weekends? Or maybe we prefer to spend a Sunday afternoon playing football?
      • Do we tend to wear pleated, feminine outfits or is our wardrobe more minimalist and sporty?

It is important to consider such issues when choosing jewelry. Then we will look good. We will be confident regardless of whether it will be jewelry every day or only for special occasions. Consider our lifestyle when choosing jewelry.


Even if we have a limited budget, we can still buy nice jewelry. For example, we can choose a gold chain without precious stones or a simple ring. Freshwater pearls are a great choice for elegant, cheaper jewelry.