Thermoactive underwear – when it works and how to choose the optimal one

You love physical activity in the open air, but during the upcoming cold days are you afraid of a cold? Completely groundless. Thermoactive underwear widely available on the market will take care of your health while practicing all outdoor sports at low temperatures. The following tips will help you choose underwear optimally suited to your needs.

Thermoactive underwear, or maybe thermal? This is not the same

First of all, we need to understand the difference between thermal underwear and thermoactive underwear. Sometimes these terms are used incorrectly interchangeably. The main task of thermal underwear is to provide us with warmth and protection against cold during cold, windy and snowy or rainy days. By putting on thermal underwear we can be sure that our body will not get cold. This underwear is made of very thick materials with a dense structure, such as cotton or wool. It is not uncommon to use a combination of both of these materials. It is important that thermal underwear does not drain moisture from the skin, so it is in no case recommended for people who spend time actively in the open air.

Thermal underwear will be appreciated by people who are extremely sensitive to cold, i.e. especially children and the elderly. It will also be perfect during outdoor, winter concerts or sleigh rides and relaxing walks. Thermoactive underwear, on the other hand, has such a feature that it allows perspiration to be wicked out while maintaining body temperature. Importantly, this underwear has no heating function, but only maintains the heat generated by the active body. The chill is also kept outside the underwear.

When should you opt for thermoactive underwear?

Choosing the right underwear for winter time is extremely important. Thermoactive underwear is only suitable for all outdoor activities. Otherwise there may be a risk of freezing. This type of underwear is ideal when we go, for example, for active leisure in the mountains. It will do its job when skiing, snowboarding or mountain trekking. It is perfect for people who train football during colder days. Thermoactive underwear will also prove to be irreplaceable during running, cycling, brisk walking or Nordic walking on cold days.

Outdoor underwear for the active under the magnifying glass

If we want thermoactive underwear to fulfill its task optimally, we decide on high-quality clothing from reputable manufacturers. We must also remember about the right size. This type of lingerie should be like our second skin and be perfectly matched to our figure. Close-fitting, flexible, comfortable, not limiting your movements in any way and perfectly emphasizing the sculpture of our body – this is the secret to perfect thermoactive underwear that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding fans of outdoor activity. The material from which the thermoactive underwear was made should be pleasant to the touch. Most often, manufacturers opt for artificial fabrics such as polypropylene and polyamide.

The first of these is responsible for wicking moisture away, while the second ensures that optimal heat is maintained. Silver ions are also often part of the thermoactive underwear, which eliminate the unpleasant smell of sweat and have bactericidal properties. In addition, underwear intended for active people should be sewn using seamless technology of preferably two-layer material. Perfect thermoactive underwear is anti-static, so it doesn’t electrify and has anti-allergic properties. It should also be quick-drying clothing. After each use, proper care of this type of underwear is necessary. It should be washed at the temperature indicated on the product label, using mild washing liquids, preferably those intended for children. In this way, our underwear will remain unchanged for a long time.

Sets of thermoactive underwear for the whole family

A set of women’s, men’s or children’s thermoactive underwear mainly consists of a long-sleeved shirt and turtleneck and leggings. You can also buy a thermoactive balaclava and a hat. Thermoactive underwear currently available in store assortments is rich in various colors and designs. Every esthete will surely find a model that suits your taste.

Attributes of luxurious merino wool

Thermoactive underwear made of merino wool is one of the most exclusive. The yarn obtained from the Merino sheep fleece is delicate and extremely pleasant to the touch. The bactericidal fibers of this yarn are filled with air, which contributes to their great thermoregulatory properties and thus to keep the skin’s surface dry during physical activity. Merino wool underwear has a high heat insulation index and does not absorb unpleasant odors. Merino wool is also ecological material, fully renewable.