Types of treatments in rehabilitation centers

People after injuries and orthopedic procedures are often forced to undergo physical rehabilitation. In this case, they should report to a rehabilitation center, along with recommendations from an orthopedic physician to determine the action plan and date of rehabilitation. Depending on the needs of rehabilitation centers, procedures related to restoring orthopedic fitness are performed, consisting of restoring body fitness after a long immobilization or accident. What types of rehabilitation can you find in the centers?

One of the basic elements of rehabilitation is kinesitherapy. In fact, it is most often performed in rehabilitation centers. It consists in repetitive exercise of a given muscle party. Its most important assumption is that the rehabilitated person must do the exercise himself without the help of third parties or specialized machines. The rehabilitator only oversees the entire process and corrects any errors. In addition, it selects exercises for a given muscle group or joint. These exercises are quite unpleasant, despite the fact that they may seem easy to do for a fairly healthy person, but their results make them most often used in rehabilitation centers during limb therapy after prolonged immobilization, such as fractures.

Another method used in rehabilitation centers is physiotherapy with water. Its use is especially recommended for people with chronic movement problems, heart disease, cardiovascular system or reproductive system. Natural thermal waters are most often used for this treatment. The whole rehabilitation process involves pain relief and stimulation of circulation within a given body part through stimulation with water jets. Therefore, this method uses all types of showers, water jets, baths, as well as compresses or consumption of medicinal water. Hydromassages support the musculoskeletal system, as well as improve muscle and skin blood supply.

In rehabilitation centers it is also familiar with the use of electricity for medicinal purposes. Electric rehabilitation is used during therapy of the nervous and muscular systems. The generated impulse that reaches the patients’ muscles stimulates them to act and contract, which makes them more and more efficient with each therapeutic session. These types of therapies allow you to avoid muscle atrophy because they stimulate muscle work by applying one electrode to the nerve, which is responsible for sending a pulse to the muscles, while the other electrode is placed at the very end of the muscle.

Electrical impulses imitate nerve impulses sent by the body. Not only electricity, but also magnetic field is present in rehabilitation centers. The electromagnetic field has anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and muscle-relaxing properties. Treatments in rehabilitation centers using electromagnetic fields are carried out using specialized heads that emit magnetic beams, into a given area of ​​the body. Treatments are completely painless, in some cases patients feel heat in the place of action of the head.

Ultrasound is also used in rehabilitation centers, which are used to treat kidney stones, gallbladder stones, calcifications and adhesions, and many other conditions. Ultrasounds have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. Treatments are performed using a head with a membrane that emits vibrations. Often in rehabilitation centers, the use of ultrasound is combined with rubbing into the skin of ointments and therapeutic gels, in which case the procedure is very similar to ultrasound.

Rehabilitation centers, however, do not specialize only in the treatment of body diseases, they also help maintain the proper condition and mobility of all joints and muscles. People who spend long hours sitting in a forced position should also use their services. Prolonged sitting position weakens the circulatory system and also loads the spine. That is why prevention is so important. Therapeutic, massages performed in rehabilitation centers help in maintaining proper condition and body posture, apart from its relaxing qualities. Manual therapy permanently eliminates all kinds of posture defects, back and muscle pain.

Procedures performed in rehabilitation centers are often associated with being in the surroundings of specialized apparatus in a lying position. However, you should not be afraid of any surgery. Specialists with professional knowledge in a given area will take care of the body and health of their clients in a proper way in such a place. It should be remembered that sometimes after the first rehabilitation sessions there may be apparent deterioration of health. This is due to the body’s response to new stimuli, so it is recommended to use rehabilitation treatments in series of at least ten treatments to be able to fully enjoy its effects.

To offer good rehabilitation services, you need to undergo good rehabilitation training that will give you knowledge and practice. Rehabilitation is a big responsibility, so it’s worth training all the time to improve your skills.