Is it worth employing workers from Ukraine?

For many entrepreneurs, employees from Ukraine are a great alternative to fill the staff shortages on our market. There are a lot of job offers in Poviat Labor Offices, and the majority of able-bodied Poles went abroad to work. Employers must start looking for alternative solutions. Due to the employment of employees from the East, it can be a great solution. Most often they decide to employ Ukrainians. It is worth considering the pros and cons of such a solution.

Hardworking and full availability

Employees from Ukraine want to work as long as possible. They will not be indignant if their daily workday is 10-12 hours. Often, foreigners will not want to return to a hotel or apartment just after 3pm. They think that they did not come here to stay idle after 3pm. They want to earn as much money as possible. In addition, Polish employers can count on the availability of such employees. It is very rare for an employee not to come to work because he is sick or has family problems.

A good alternative

Employees from Ukraine reduce labor costs when there is a labor deficit in our country. Ukrainians willingly agree to work in Polish enterprises, because they have a much better salary than they could earn at home. They often find employment in industries that Poles do not choose. We are talking about the construction industry, as well as work on waste segregation or cutting meat.

Delegation and mobility

Workers from Ukraine work far from home. They are often happy to be engaged to such an extent that it does not matter to them in which city in Poland they work – Warsaw, Krakow, Wrocław or Poznań. For employers, it can be quite a matter of not having to take construction workers home every week. Foreigners can easily stay at the workplace for the weekend. It doesn’t matter much to them if they have to be transported from one city to another.


This is the main disadvantage, indicated by employers who decide to employ employees from abroad. They must provide their employees with accommodation or at least make it easier to find. Most often, such employees do not have a large amount of money to start. They often have only PLN 100 or PLN 200, which is why they won’t be able to pay for the apartment themselves. Unfortunately, at the beginning you have to take into account the advance payment. Employers may be upset then, but unfortunately they won’t do anything about it. If we want to understand why this is happening, we must remember that the salary of a construction worker at our eastern neighbors is PLN 390 net.

Work permit

This is also one of the problems. The employer must perform certain activities related to the legalization of employment and the work of the employee. Often these activities tire the employers, and it also takes them a long time. This can be daunting for many. Before signing an employment contract with a Ukrainian, they must carefully review his papers. First of all, they must verify the statement from the Labor Office about the possibility of work. If this is not possible, they must contact the Voivodship Labor Office.

Problems with comunication

Many Ukrainian employees do not speak Polish fluently. That is why they cannot talk freely with their employer. Often, the conversation is limited to basic commands only. This is particularly the case for employees from Eastern Ukrainians who speak Russian as their native language.  Employers who want to hire Ukrainians must take into account these advantages and disadvantages.

Basic advantages

If we are still hesitating about whether employees from Ukraine, we must think about some of the basic advantages of such a solution.

First of all, we can reap a lot of benefits by hiring an employee from Ukraine. If we lack hands to work, everyone who takes up employment with us is at a premium. Ukrainians who come to Poland want above all as much work as possible. That is why they are very loose about the provisions of the Labor Code. Their dayday does not have to count only 8 hours. In addition, they are very motivated. Most often they find work in occupations where Poles are not willing.

Ukrainians are happy to take overtime because it is for them a chance for more income. In addition, they are mobile and available. They are not disturbed by trips, delegations or frequent job changes.

Ukrainians are quickly adopting in Poland. This is mainly due to linguistic and cultural kinship. We don’t have to worry about communication problems or with the employer.

A very useful website is PracujacaUkraina. Employers can add their offers on it. Thanks to this recruitment is much faster and above all effective. They just have to place an ad. It will be visible to thousands of Ukrainians looking for work. Cooperation is beneficial for both sides. Ukrainians can, thanks to work in Poland, improve their fate and their loved ones, while employers will no longer have such staffing problems thanks to them.