Choosing an insurance company

Buying business insurance is one of the most important decisions we can make in our company. If we do not choose it, we must reckon with paying for any accidents that occur in any business. Only one mistake can have serious consequences.

If we do not have insurance, we will have to pay for all damages ourselves. However, choosing the right company insurance can be overwhelming. There are countless details that need to be checked. We must understand them properly if we are to choose good insurance. Sometimes offers can be confusing. We must remember that we choose not only the type of insurance, but also the insurance company or insurance agent. Sometimes it can discourage us.

The insurance company that we will work with is just as important as the insurance we buy. It may have the largest reach in the world, but if it also has poor customer service or does not respond to messages at all, we may have a problem with contact if the need arises.

So let’s choose a company that is characterized by high quality and reliability of insurance products and services. It should be valued for experience and handling customer claims.

Specialization in business insurance

Most people, when they first buy company insurance, instinctively turn to their private insurer first. This is a good solution as long as the company or agent has solid experience in business insurance.

Insurer’s financial strength and financial stability

The insurer’s financial stability and financial strength is very important. We should pay attention to his past, present and financial future. It will probably meet its financial obligations, including paying its claims in full and on time, now and in the future.

Let’s check his financial strength. It is worth verifying the insurer’s website for this purpose. By choosing a company with a lower rating, we risk losing potential clients who will be concerned about the insolvency of your insurer.

Innovation of the insurer

It is worth remembering that companies are changing, and with it the risk. Something that can now be a serious threat to our company, in 10 years will be just a small detail. However, there may also be a new threat for which you must insure yourself. Let’s check whether our insurer is innovative and keeps up with macro-, micro-business and economic trends.

The insurer’s concern for our business

Let’s choose an insurer who pays attention to our company, not just the commission. He should make sure that we can be successful. Let’s also check if he knows the industry in which we operate. If we run a small business, we can choose an insurer who specializes in small business matters, as well as in the industry in which we operate. If we choose an insurer who usually does not cooperate with companies of a similar size or industry, they may not understand our needs.

Appropriate company insurance

After finding the company with whom we want to cooperate, it is time to examine the details and make a decision on insurance. Even if we decide to cooperate with an insurance agent when buying an insurer, it is still good to have a basic knowledge of available insurance and various insurance companies.

Let’s examine different relationships. Let’s check if the insurer already cooperates with companies of similar size and industry.

Let’s choose insurance suitable for our business plan. Let’s check where our company is heading and choose the right offer and plan what we will need in the future.

Let’s ask for a quote. Let’s ask several insurance companies to compare details related to coverage, price and customer service. Please note that the cheapest product may not be of the best quality. Let’s choose the solution that will be the most suitable and at the same time within our budget.

Let’s check the offers received. Even if you need to buy insurance very quickly, you should still look through the valuations and spend some time learning about the differences between individual offers.

Let’s keep up with the market situation. Our company and industry are probably changing. New threats may appear while others may disappear. We check our market situation from time to time to determine if we need to make any changes. You may need to increase or decrease the insurance amount. It all depends on how our company has changed.

Basic business and property information

If we want to get an accurate insurance quote for your company, we must provide the following information:

      • location,
      • annual gross sales,
      • owner’s story
      • experience – number of years in business,
      • general operations – main business functions,
      • number of employees,
      • total annual payroll.

Real estate information:

      • tools and equipment,
      • furnishings,
      • business assets
      • business documents,
      • business location,
      • build date,
      • material used,
      • construction,
      • building security.

In this way we can receive a quote.