Wallpapers – unusual applications

After years of forgetting, wallpapers are back in favor. Interior design magazines and decorators outdo each other in more and more crazy ideas. And it’s not even about fancy designs and eclectic connections. Wall murals and three-dimensional wallpapers that give the impression of depth are not enough. Today, wallpapers put everything you know about the art of interior design on your mind.

The trend of covering only one wall with patterned wallpaper has already gained popularity. Later, we began to designate various utility zones in this way. Recently, the wallpaper occupied only a piece of wall behind the TV . What else can we surprise people visiting our apartment?

To the brave I suggest wallpapering the ceiling. Sure, children’s wallpaper is not suitable for this in a teddy bear (though if you think about it …). Let’s choose a patterned one, in vivid colors. Let what has recently adorned your walls be above your heads. You can also drag a patterned wallpaper from one wall to the ceiling, and paint the rest of the room with a delicate, light paint. The effect will be compelling.

Once we cool down from the frenzy of wallpapering, we can look at the subject practically. I suggest using wallpaper in the kitchen. And over the sink. Relax, there are suitable products on the market. A properly selected vinyl wallpaper will cope with splashes. If necessary, you can easily wash it and there will be no trace of yesterday’s party. At the same time, we gain an original look that traditional tiles will not give us. Now that we’re in the kitchen, let’s take a closer look at an island that has been so popular in recent years. The peninsula is also suitable. This boring, after all, we can revive a bit by wallpapering everything that we find below the countertop. Your guests will be enchanted.

Let’s get out of this kitchen before we wallpapering the sink. Another place where we can live artistically and upholstery are internal stairs. We leave the steps, the wallpaper could not withstand them. However, we have stairs fronts at our disposal, which we usually treat with care. Decorating them with colorful wallpaper is a very interesting idea to liven up the decor and make the interior character less obvious.

Another way to creatively use bedroom wallpaper Bedroom is to decorate the door with it. The old issue is coming back today in a new version. On the one hand, we can hide the door in this way if we cover it with the same pattern as it is on the wall. On the other hand, we can achieve quite the opposite effect. Just cover the door with this wallpaper. What is behind them? Entering the magical world of fairy tale adventures, or maybe a paradise oasis of peace and a place of rest? It depends on you.

If a children’s room is hidden behind a colorful door, we can let your imagination run wild even more. Here, too, we can put the same wallpaper on all walls. However, there are more ingenious solutions. One of them is to create a colored top down or along the wall. Maybe near the floor or at the height of your kids’ eyesight. This is the way to create a unique interior. And don’t forget about the ceiling, e.g. with stars or clouds.

Walls, ceilings and doors are just the beginning. Open your minds and hearts to decoupage. The traditional one involves cutting out patterns from paper and gluing them to various surfaces to make a decoration. In a similar way, however, we can use patterned wallpaper. It’s pretty, it is used for sticking and decorating. Who says it’s all about walls?

Here we go. The first to go are the shelves. Wallpapering the hanging ones and those in the shelves. From above, from below, or just this thin front strap. Don’t limit yourself. When we decorate the shelves, let’s get to the wardrobes. All their elements are suitable for decorating. Even the legs themselves. If you have more material, cover the door with it. Or just the door recess, and leave the borders intact. Or the other way around. It’s your wardrobe after all. You can also change the wardrobe into a box with a surprise. At first glance, an ordinary old wardrobe. Nothing interesting. But inside it is a completely different world. Patterned colored shelves, or walls, or both. Imagine having a hard Monday morning. It is gray and cold outside the window, but you still have to get to work. You open the wardrobe in search of clothes, and there is a secret garden! The day gets better immediately.

Since we are at the closets. In many apartments today we will find huge wardrobes with sliding doors. They are extremely practical. You can fit in them all clothes, an elephant, a giraffe and some other documents. Unfortunately, as a rule, they do not look too interesting, and replacing the door is quite expensive and complicated. Instead, you can change their appearance, you guessed it, wallpaper. This way will be faster and cheaper, and the new decor will not be limited to the offer of veneer producers.

Interior decorators and lovers of decorating all objects by hand introduce us to a whole new world. A world where everything can be wallpapered. The only limit is our imagination.