How does SEO work?

How does SEO work? If you are just starting your adventure with SEO, you should know why one website is in the first place in the search results and another in the thirtieth. Positioning Wild Moose – a top SEO agency in Poland – helps here. Keywords play an important role here. For internet users, the top ten search positions are the most important. Half of them pay attention only to the first three search results.

Therefore, it is worth asking yourself – which positioning is the most effective? It’s good to know that the page on the second or third page in the search results has little chance of high click-through rate. The order of the results on the list is determined by the search engine algorithm. Years of testing allow you to understand which factors the Google algorithm pays special attention to.

On-site factors

These are factors directly related to your site. When visiting a given website, Google’s robot collects important information from it. It is good that the website matches the search engine standards. Primarily:

  • the content on the page should be unique – there is no question of copying and pasting content from other websites. This very adversely affects SEO campaigns. It is also worth ensuring that others do not copy content from our website.
  • take care of the optimization of the page – keywords in the text play an important role here, the text should have the right length. The longer the text, the better.
  • it’s good that every word has its subpage. You shouldn’t target all keywords to one page. Each word similar to each other should have its landing page.
  • ensure search engine availability . It is worth checking if the way your website was created is conducive to SEO campaigns.

Off-site factors

These external factors. The main role here is played by the links that come to the site. In general, Google thinks that if a web page has a large number of links from external sources – it is simply good. The quality of links is a key issue. It is important to have links from sites with a high level of trust. More links don’t mean better quality. It is worth remembering not to work schematically. It is not worth adding all the links to your website at once, and spread it out over time.

Step by step SEO

At the beginning of…

Activities as part of SEO campaigns should be carried out in the appropriate order. It is important to take care of some important issues, so:

– selection of appropriate keywords – this is where SEO campaigns should start. Depending on the type of business, make sure you choose the right vocabulary. This is very important because the SEO campaign is not flexible and requires a lot of work.

– Website optimization – for selected keywords and technical.

– off-site activities – it is best to start these activities after the website optimization is completed

It is worth doing these actions in this order, because thanks to this, you can count on the success of SEO campaigns.

Common SEO Errors

You can make many mistakes in an SEO campaign. The list is long, but there are a few key points to keep in mind:

– keyword selection errors – one of the most common mistakes. This is the most important point in the SEO campaign, because your online success depends on it.

– no optimized page – if the page is poorly optimized then good website running becomes impossible. A common mistake is the lack of keywords on the page and subpages dedicated to keywords. It is also worth checking whether the website is adapted to the standards of search engines.

– links from poor quality pages – each site in the search engine has the appropriate rank. Therefore, it is best to use high-quality websites, which will allow your website to function better.

– external SEO content sharing – this problem mainly affects online stores that share their content unknowingly. Often, store owners send carefully prepared descriptions to price comparison websites – thereby causing duplication of text. This results in the loss of position in the search engine, because price comparison websites often overtake the store that added descriptions to them.

– wrong SEO campaign strategy – this is a wrong choice of keywords. Online stores should be positioned even for several thousand keywords. Overly general keywords are a mistake, especially for local activities.

The above tips may be helpful for people who are starting their adventure with SEO. It is worth to read them and use in your own SEO campaign.

Advantages and disadvantages of SEO

Although SEO is a good form of advertising, it also has its drawbacks. You should be aware of both good and bad sites when creating SEO campaigns.

Advantages of SEO

The results obtained during the SEO campaign are permanent. It is worth emphasizing that if you earn a position for the keywords you are interested in, their position on the Internet will persist for a long time, you also do not have to bear any costs. However, it’s good to be vigilant, because the competition never sleeps. That is why it is always worth taking care of your results. Website positioning is a long-term strategy and requires patience.

Another advantage is the fact that SEO is an effective form of advertising. By typing in the search engine, the phrase he is interested in determines his need. Your task is to take care of the consumer’s needs. You must answer this need by choosing the right keywords. Many users are not aware that SEO is a form of advertising, which is a big plus. SEO may not require additional action. By regularly publishing entries on your website that contain keywords, you are raising your online rank. In this way, without additional work or financial outlays, you can achieve satisfactory results.

Disadvantages of SEO

Independent SEO campaign requires adequate knowledge – both technical and economic (knowledge of competition). It all depends on whether it is a local business or on a larger scale. If this is a business on a larger scale, it is worth using professional assistance. Having a local business, you can approach SEO more amateurish, because the range is not so wide and the competition is not so big. Then the chance to be on the first page in search results increases.

Another thing to know well is that Google cares about the quality of search results. The idea is to have as low quality sites as possible. If this happens, the Google team imposes penalties in the form of filters or bans.

SEO is inflexible. The main problem is that achieving the right positions takes several months. It all depends on the keyword’s competitiveness.