Blinds made to order – for those who need original solutions

Blinds have been an inseparable element of the decor of a house, apartment or modern office for some time. The great freedom in adjusting the amount of light entering into these rooms and the elegant appearance cause that they have an increasing number of followers. For some, they can also be a perfect complement to curtains or curtains. Other window blinds will no longer decorate.

Blinds for everyone

Today, blinds can have everyone in your apartment, home or office. Even if you have windows with non-standard dimensions. This is not a problem at the moment, because custom-made blinds related to unusual dimensions or shapes of windows have many companies on offer and its selection will certainly not be a problem. Blinds made to order is also a great solution for those who do not want typical solutions in their interiors. They are looking for something original, for example in color or pattern. And such possibilities apply to both internal and external blinds.

Thanks to the regulation of natural light supply inside the apartment or house, the blinds are also perfect as part of a balcony or terrace window. They are equally well suited for both small and large living or office rooms.

Practical and convenient

Custom-made internal blinds are usually equipped with a durable fabric with high resistance to UV rays. Thanks to this, they do not fade with time, their color remains intense for a very long time. In addition, these materials are also impregnated with a special preparation to prevent dust settling, which makes them practical and comfortable to use.

Internal blinds are also very easy to install. Their attachment takes little time and many of these methods are non-invasive. This means that it does not damage the window frames and, on the other hand, the blind adheres smoothly to the glass. Does not fold or bend. This non-invasive nature can be important for those who want to install custom-made blinds, for example, in rented office spaces. When you move out, you can easily remove them if necessary and leave the window frames intact.

It is worth noting here that the blinds mounted in the office will effectively protect its employees from being reflected in computer screens or in monitors of other devices of light rays reaching from the outside. Such solutions effectively increase the comfort of work and allow you to carry out your professional duties without problems even on a very sunny day.

Ingenuity limited by space

It is obvious that custom-made internal blinds – in addition to many of their types differing in the mounting method and material used for sun protection – are also offered in many colors. In addition, custom-made blinds have the advantage over others that you can try to combine all their elements to your liking. Not just colors or patterns, but methods of attachment. The same rules also apply to external roller blinds on order. Ingenuity can only be limited by the technical conditions of the places where we want to mount them ..

Blinds made to order are available in both stationary and online stores. You can also install them yourself or outsource it to specialized employees, who usually have those who sell the blinds. Regardless of which form of assembly you choose, it is always the most important role that earlier window measurements play, where the blinds are to be installed later.

Accurate measurements

First of all you need to think about what type of blinds you decide on and then measure the window with this choice. Otherwise you have to do it when custom-made roller blinds are mounted on the window frame, its sash or wall. When you mount them on a frame, for example, you need to measure the width and height of the window with and without a border. On the other hand, when it is mounted on glazing beads, we measure the glass with gaskets and without them. However, if you plan to mount it on the wall, you will need to measure the recess and the surrounding space.

Measurements should be made very accurately, because each , even a slight inaccuracy during this operation can cause not only the unaesthetic appearance of the blind, but also worse problems with its daily use. Therefore, to make such measurements well, you must first obtain the appropriate equipment. Any tailor’s centimeters, strings, rulers and other makeshift accessories will not give you correct results. Using them can only cause errors. To avoid them, you must use a metal drop-down measure.

During this operation it is also very important to save the measurements immediately. Trying to remember them or add different numbers to your memory is not a good idea. To be absolutely sure that the measurement is good, it is worth doing it twice and including as many elements as possible with it. Also those that may not be useful later.