Outdoor wedding sessions – a souvenir for years

Wedding photographs should be a unique reminder of this most important day in the life of two people. While the photos from the wedding ceremony and the wedding are taken on the day of the event, the wedding session should be postponed to a different date. This solution allows, above all, to choose any place for wedding photography, as desired. No time limit is the greatest ally here. Secondly, the issue of comfort of the bride and groom also speaks for the session on a day other than the wedding.

Most often on the wedding day they have so much on their minds that the photos come out unnaturally. Postponing the entire session in time, you can approach it calmly fully rested and relaxed. Another issue is the very time-consuming preparation of the venue for a wedding session. On the wedding day there may simply be no time for it, especially if the plein air will be away from the place where the wedding takes place, and the young couple will choose a sophisticated background for commemorative wedding photos.

Wedding photographer
Wedding session

Open air wedding session

Many wedding photographers offer a package in which they offer a photographic coverage of the day of the ceremony and wedding sessions distant in time at any time chosen by the young couple. However, there is no rule that requires that the same photographer perform wedding sessions outdoors. On the contrary, many young couples, as a gift, fund such a session only after marriage with a completely different photographer, financing it with so-called envelopes. Photos in the open air also have one more advantage, they give a lot more feeling for two people than those taken in a static studio. Like the unlimited fantasy of young couples, they can often leave photographers alone. Many couples decide on a session thematically related to their everyday life, interests or shared hobby. Such wedding photographs beautifully reflect what unites two people, showing in addition their rich personality.

It is worth remembering, however, that not only the idea, but also the whole organization of the outdoor session belongs to the bride and groom. Choosing a place, any permits and the like, all this should be taken care of before the day of taking wedding photography. The same usually applies to decorating the open air or renting, for example, cars. Also, all costs of travel or accommodation in the case of foreign sessions rest on the photographed themselves. Therefore, when choosing a place for a wedding session, it’s worth remembering the budget that you can spend on organizing everything. Of course, it is not entirely so that the young couple stays alone, a good and experienced photographer who values ​​their clients, will certainly give good advice in the absence of inspiration, they will also give ideas or help determine how to implement an idea. However, there is no hope that he will prepare everything.

Responsibilities of the photographer

The wedding photographer is only responsible for providing the right equipment, event lighting or catching the best shots. His task is to take the most beautiful photos in a given place using the potential of the place, weather conditions and his own creative invention. Outdoor sessions can be as romantic as old frames, as well as crazy and crazy, it all depends on the taste and temperament of the bride and groom. However, just taking wedding photos is an amazing adventure that allows you to perpetuate the joy of a newly married relationship. Depending on the fantasy, you can do them in almost any place and style.

Creativity is the key

Of course, outdoor photos do not exclude taking them on the day of the wedding. Especially if the wedding itself takes place in a picturesque area, which abounds in beautiful background for wedding photography. In this case, it is worth going to such a session when all the formalities related to greeting guests, toast and first dance will be performed at the wedding. Most often the whole session in this case is in one hour. It often happens that the lack of time, there is additional motivation to take sensational photos, as well as demonstrating creativity by the photographer. In this case, everything is a matter of proper organization, after all, any decorations or gadgets that would be on wedding photographs can be prepared much earlier and only on the wedding day to delegate ensuring that they are in the right place for other people. A lot can also be done in this regard by the photographer’s photo editing, which will bring out the hidden beauty with a few mouse clicks.

Regardless of whether, as a young couple, you decide to take wedding photos on your wedding day or postpone it to a later date, remember that this is to be an opportunity for you to have fun and capture a beautiful feeling together, not additional stress and nerves. Trust your photographer and his workshop, and they will certainly receive beautiful souvenir wedding photos that, with a tear of emotion, you will then be able to browse together with your loved ones in the family album.