Cheaper smoking? You decide

Formerly making cigarettes on one’s own was fashionable, it was a specific trend. Currently, smokers are almost forced to do so by increasing their excise tax annually. Often the choice is difficult, because limiting the budget for this purpose is a compulsion. Most often then the decision is made on the independent production of cigarettes. What products should you choose? How to find them and how to guide them and how to create cigarettes at all?

Fortunately, this choice has no negative consequences. The advantages of such a choice of each smoker include the fact that by creating cigarettes we have our own hands on which tobacco we use, we can choose the better quality, in addition to adjust the amount of tobacco to your needs. People who intend to quit smoking or just want to reduce it a little may use less tobacco. An additional advantage of hand-made cigarettes using good quality ingredients is their strength and taste. Just like with food – by creating them ourselves, we also have a better idea of ​​how they were made and the certainty that they will not contain any unwanted additions.

Good quality tobacco will definitely be needed to create cigarettes. It will not do without tissue paper and filters, although if you do not have experience you can replace them with paper cores. Only a few years ago classic tissue paper was more popular among smokers creating their own cigarettes. Their place was taken by competitive thimbles, i.e. empty blanks connected with a filter, but without tobacco inside. Thimble is available in different sizes – in all we can find in stores with ready-made cigarette packs. Hand-made cigarettes just got easier when specialty machines were added to tobacco stores .

Rolling cigarettes manually requires some practice. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to buy. Tissue papers are individual pieces of paper that are used to make turns. On the long side there is a thin strip of vegetable glue. It is this glue that prevents the sheet from developing. The paper is uneven, which is why it is important to choose the right paper. For beginners, fine paper sheets will be perfect, and advanced ones can experiment with various papers, including flavored ones.

Another component of the process of making cigarettes is to fill them in – if you decided to use cigarettes or to roll them – if you chose tissue paper. Both require some practice gained after repeated attempts. When making cigarettes from a thimble, you need to know how much tobacco to throw into the filling machine, and by twisting them you need to glue them properly so that they burn well.

If, after a preliminary examination, you have not found the right accessories or good quality ingredients for making cigarettes in your area? Remember that online stores are always at your disposal, which often offer good products at lower prices. By investing in high-quality tobacco and semi-finished products you are able to save, and at the same time decide on which cigarettes you want to smoke instead of succumbing to ready solutions.